The Efficient Energy Group
The EFFICIENT ENERGY GROUP (the EEG) is a team of senior professionals bringing perspectives and expertise based on their experience in developing impactful policies and programmes. They offer an ideal mix of international experts and local New Zealand service providers who have a wealth of experience between them in the energy sector.
Who We Are

Three of the members, Robert Tromop, Pat Murray and Terry Collins, all held senior management positions at New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). Robert led the energy efficiency at the International Energy Agency based in Paris. Terry has been the Chair of the APEC Expert Group on Energy Efficiency and Conservation as well as representing New Zealand on other international committees. Pat Murray, and Trevor and Darryl Moodie bring specialist strategic marketing and communication skills.

What We Do

The EEG provides a range of professional services in the area of:

  • energy efficiency policy,
  • programme development implementation and evaluation, and
  • social marketing/ behavioural change

The Group has worked with various clients and organisations to deliver innovative, cost effective behavioural-changing energy projects offering bespoke strategic initiatives and insights delivering cost effective energy efficiency programmes.

Unique to The Group is the ability to successfully integrate effective marketing techniques into policy design and implementation. This happens in all policy fields, not just sustainable energy.  In addition The EEG  ensure that as part of any initiative a core element of the approach is to build effective evaluation into the success of the programme in the clear insight and belief that .

Our People

Robert Tromop is an independent consultant in policy analysis and evaluation for governments, NGOs, finance Institutions and development agencies. Prior to this Robert led the International Energy Agency’s energy efficiency activities. He has a demonstrated capability in delivering innovative analysis and world leading publications on energy policies like the IEA Energy Efficiency Market Report series and the recent publication Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency.

His work in developing regionally specific energy policies for emerging economies (the IEA’s Regional EE Policy Recommendations for Arab-SEMED, and South East Asia), as well as current work with UN regional commissions, and International Finance Institutions demonstrate an ability to design and deliver policies suited to diverse economies.

Robert is an experienced policy developer and evaluator having led the design and evaluation of many of New Zealand’s energy efficiency programmes and New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency Regulations and product efficiency programme. As Manager, Monitoring and Research at EECA he led programme evaluation, research and technical functions.

Robert has the following project experience in working with APEC and APEC Economies: Development of the Peer Review Energy Efficiency (PREE) concept into a working process for the APEC Energy Working Group Secretariat, Project Overseer for APEC projects involving representatives from APEC member economies, developing effective training and capacity building tools for use by member economies.


Before becoming an independent consultant, Terry Collins was the General Manager: Products and Evaluation for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) in New Zealand. Over the past 10 years Terry grew the products programme from its inception with five regulated product classes to a programme that includes 22 product classes. The programme has been responsible for capping growth in New Zealand’s residential electricity demand. He was responsible for a number of key EECA programmes including the Products Programme Expansion, ENERGY STAR programme, LED Street Lighting, and the Home Energy Rating Scheme Many of the features of these programmes have been recognised as best practice internationally and copied.

In 2007 Terry led the development of New Zealand’s vehicle fuel economy labelling programme. Many features of this scheme were and still are at the forefront of innovation. These include coverage of new and used vehilces, private and trade sales and sales on the internet.

Terry is currently a Ministerial appointed observer to the New Zealand Smart Grid Forum. From 2007 until 2015 Terry was the chair of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Expert Group of Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

He has previously undertaken international consultancy including legal metrology needs assessments for Cambodia, Lao, Vietnam and Myanmar. He also reviewed the Singapore Weights and Measures office, and energy efficiency regulations for Brunei Darussalam.


Pat Murray, prior to becoming a partner in a specialist market and brand business with clients ranging from national organisations through to social behaviour change Not for Profit organizations was the General Manager: Marketing & Communications for the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) in New Zealand. He led the development of EECA’s brand strategies, marketing strategies and communications including the successful EnerySpot (award winner), home insulation and products programme (which includes appliance labels marketing, Energy Star) and energy efficient lighting programme and which has resulted in significant market change.

Pat is an experienced operator in the private sector having held senior marketing and General Management roles in a wide range of industries both locally (NZ and international) and has operated in Asian, (China, Japan, India) European, African and American markets.


Darryl is based in Durban, South Africa. He is the proprietor of Focus Marketing, Economics and Logistics – an economic and marketing biased consulting company with a history since 1985 in market research, socio-economic analysis and product launch feasibility studies. He sits on the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industries (DCCI) Tourism, Business and Investment Forum as well as the Strategic Planning Action Committee of the DCCI. He was appointed as Head Economist for Unilever South Africa’s Economic and Market Research Department and served as a Sectorial Market advisor to the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council.


Trevor Moodie, prior to becoming a partner in the Department of Marketing, specialist market and brand organisation, was managing director and CEO of international advertising and marketing agencies. These roles included being appointed to the international boards of a number of these including serving on the Holding Board of Ogilvy and Mather and CEO of Robbins Brandt Richter in New Zealand. He is widely versed in many international markets and industry sectors targeted at a variety of cultural and socio-economic groups.

International Successes

The team are all experienced international operators. Having have worked in locations diverse as Africa, Oceania, Asia Europe and Americas. The EEG knows what will work, how to make it work, and how to get the best impacts, based on extensive experience of implementing a similar successful programmes around the world.

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