“The challenge is to determine whether your marketing strategy is working”

deliver the long term results your business needs
create a marketing strategy that will act as a road map for you

The challenge for most businesses – of all sizes – is to determine whether your marketing strategy is working and is going to deliver the long term results your business needs.

The first challenge is to consider whether you have a clearly defined Marketing Strategy that will act as a road-map for you and your staff to provide direction for future success.

Whether it is reviewing your strategy, understanding your target audience and your competitors, or implementing a successful tactical plan to drive sales to greater heights, we can assist.

Getting an objective view on your strategic approach, your tactical activity or how your marketing function is integrated with the rest of the business, can help you shape your marketing to better meet the needs of your business direction and stop time and money being wasted.

Planning for success
A successful marketing strategy is key

Knowing where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there is key to success, so developing a successful marketing strategy is fundamental for building a profitable business.

Developing a clear strategy

Many companies fall into the trap of ad hoc tactical marketing activities – to drive immediate sales – without a clear idea of what they are trying to achieve. This haphazard approach is an inefficient way of directing precious resources.


With a clear marketing strategy your business will identify or clarify target markets, highlight possible external issues, draw attention to internal concerns, examine competitors and explore a mix of short term and long term targets providing strong foundations to achieve business success in both the short and longer term.

An integrated plan

Compelling benefits of what your business has to offer should be clearly and succinctly communicated to your target audiences through an integrated tactical plan.


A clear strategy supported by a well delivered and integrated plan your business will benefit immediately and will act as a ‘guiding light’ for you and your team to make more effective day-to-day decisions.


We have worked within a wide variety of industry sectors including agriculture, automotive, construction, education, healthcare, leisure, manufacturing, printing, property, renewables, retail, telecoms and transport.

The Dept. can help you define and create a professional marketing strategy to meet the long term needs of your business.

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Know your competitors 
Point of difference in positioning

In any market you are operating in it is wise to know who your competitors are, what they are doing and where your potential point-of-difference will be most effective in positioning your business against their approach.

What are your competitors up to?

Obviously you want to know as much about your competitors and their marketing efforts as you do about our own. While this is not feasible and you want to be guided by information and insights that allow you to make critical business decisions – and not get side-tracked by ‘nice to have’ but superfluous data and insights.

Review their activities

We will work with you – and our Audit will provide – a review of both the online and offline marketing activities and competitiveness of your business and provide a benchmark for evaluating a company’s position against others. This will also help provide one additional important insight – provide confirmation of which of your marketing activities are effective now and where future efforts should be targeted.

We strive to leverage easy wins and identify priority areas of marketing that can help you make measured and informed decisions, which will ultimately improve your performance and deliver long term success.

If you want to know more about what your competitors are doing, speak to us.

Strategic Marketing Plan
Control your destiny for success

Making sure you develop the right strategic Marketing Plan means you can control your own future. Not the other way around.

Your approach

Combining a clear business strategy with knowing where you are successful, your target market and the opportunity within it, enables the creation of an effective marketing plan.


Having a Marketing Plan in place – which all your key staff are aware of and are using on a regular basis – makes day to day decisions easy and eliminates time wasted on distractions.

A plan unique to your needs

This is what The Dept. will work with you to achieve. We will work with you to develop a deep understanding of your market, by constantly asking the hard questions and extracting the right insights and data to translate this into a clearly defined marketing plan.


We know your plan is unique to the needs of your business and will draw on the marketing tools and techniques that will deliver the greatest return for you.


Your marketing plan is designed to meet your budget and includes clear measures of success and will be developed to include a budgeted tactical plan, ready for execution.

You can take the plan and implement it yourself or The Dept. will work with you and your team to implement the agreed plan. Over to you as to what is best for your business.

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The right people with the right skills
Developing marketing capability

We know how important it is to have the right skilled people within your business to deliver your Marketing Plan and agreed tactical strategies.

Support & development skills

We will work with you and your staff to develop your marketing management skills. We can provide that additional layer of support to ensure you develop the right strategic skills – and work with more junior staff to elevate their abilities and understanding. We have done it before having considerable experience covering a wide range of industries and sectors. Your team can draw on this experience.

Providing guidance to your staff will allow them to develop their strategic marketing skills so they can add greater value to your business. They already know your proposition, your market and how your management team operates, they just need help with changing the way they think.

Find out how The Dept. can provide mentoring services. Call us.

Tactics for success
Experience & knowledge from experts 

Delivering tactical marketing successfully requires the experience and knowledge from subject matter experts who are up to date with best practice.

The Dept. offers a broad range of marketing services whether at the campaign strategy level, the specifics for tactical campaign delivery or the full range of disciplines for either a specific project or to enable clients to outsource their marketing function.

Our specialist areas cover all areas of the environment – from small to medium size enterprises to larger corporate entities.

Strategic Thinking

  • Strategic Marketing Planning and Consultancy
  • Marketing Audit
  • Competitive Analysis Intelligence
  • Marketing Plan
  • Outsourced Marketing Management
  • Marketing Mentoring
  • Tactical Marketing Services
  • Project Management
  • Partner Marketing
  • Sponsorship and Sustainability evaluation
  • Marketing Communications

Tactical Delivery

  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Direct Marketing
  • Web Design
  • E-marketing
  • Exhibitions
  • Conferences and Bespoke Events
  • Database Management

The different techniques used in marketing to promote a product or service require a vast range of skills. For example, developing a website requires a web designer, a technical developer, an SEO expert and a copywriter – all totally different skillsets. Throw in PR, telemarketing and your brand, and you have countless sets of skills needed to deliver a simple marketing programme.

We will help deliver quality integrated marketing services, that enable you to access a network of experts that are managed centrally.

We’d like to help, give us a call.

Project managing for success
Crucial for successful delivery of marketing plans

Project management is a crucial skill required to successfully deliver on marketing plans. Whether you are delivering a simple campaign or a complex project across multiple channels, an experienced project manager helps ensure success.

Time is an issue

In our experience working with many businesses, where the marketing teams are under stress as a result of being stretched to capacity, they do not have the time to successfully deliver the campaigns and projects the business needs.

We can assist

This is where we can assist. Rather than employ more marketing support personnel, simply outsource the specific project to us. The Dept. can provide the ‘thinking and breathing’ space your team need. It is what we do. And we can deliver significant value.


From campaign creation, through development and delivery to measuring its effectiveness.

The Dept. can manage one-off projects to complex multifaceted integrated campaigns. On Time and On Budget.

Our Project Management skills can assist you. Find out how.

Leveraging the power of partners
combining efforts for mutual support

Partner marketing is one of the least understood aspects of marketing, but can assist you deliver successful marketing outcomes by combining the capacity of partner marketing and support with your own efforts.

Using the right partner strategy

By embracing Partner Marketing you can increase your marketing budget without spending any more. The right partners will want to help you sell their products and can be motivated to provide additional marketing funds to achieve greater results. Getting them and spending them can be tricky.


This is where The Dept. can help by providing support and understanding of how to access the joint funds from partners, negotiating the rules are on how they can be spent, and how to demonstrate the best return.

We experience working with a wide range of partner companies and clients. We can help you manage those marketing activities and provide the results of the return on that investment.

Our Get the best out of Partner Marketing support. Talk to us.

Developing the right communications
An agnostic approach

We help create clarity of proposition and purpose aligned with strong brand positioning and presence and we have a wealth of experience in working with brand guidelines to ensure the integrity of your brand is maintained and increased Then we work with you to develop the right communications strategy.

Working with multiple channels

Ten years ago we would have been talking about broadcast media, press and outdoor. Today the media channels to communicate your brand and message are many and varied, but fortunately so is our experience. Our approach is agnostic. We can assist you with the right creative concept, the best choice of media covering traditional media (broadcast, print, press outdoor), direct and relationship marketing, social media, display, re-targeting, viral and e-communications. In every instance we evaluate the most effective media channels to help achieve your objectives. And we make sure we track and analyse all communications to improve ongoing effectiveness.


When we say ‘integrated communications’ we mean our solutions are created around your challenges, objectives and budgets.

Collaborating with an integrated communications agency means your message will be communicated using a variety of different media to suit your audience!

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