Soar Print
Soar Print had a very good business... But they wanted to make it great. We helped them by establishing their vision and values, which delivered unparalleled results.

“Taking the complexity of our offer and making it simple but powerful through a dynamic design system.”

Fred Soar
Soar Print Limited

It started with Business Marketing Audit to benchmark the organisations current marketing health – this identified a range of business and marketing challenges and opportunities.

And provided clear direction for the key priorities that needed to be addresses and actioned.

The ‘Vision and Values’ workshops gave clear direction for the rebranding and positioning excercise that followed.

The new positioning is constantly being rolled-out as The Dept. continues to work with management to implement market communications to key market verticals. All sucessfully.

One think we have learnt working with Soar Print is that “Ink is good. Paper is better!”