Maketu Pies
The Wilson family of Maketu had a great product, a great team and a ready market... So why were they in a downward spiral?

The Brand did not ‘fit’ with their current target audience – it lacked an iconic brand status.
In addition, their ‘one level’ brand was under threat by supermarket dominance.
Finally, they had limited ability to extend the brand into market segments.

“The Dept. are marketing and brand guru’s to us. They provided our business (a relative newcomer to the world of advertising) with strategic insights and recommedations that have been enormously valuble.”

We have gone from vulnerable to strong with recent growth of 18%+ and exciting future opportunities.”

James Wilson
Makateu Pies Limited

The Dept. completed a Business Marketing Audit with Maketu. This led to a deep understanding of the challenges Maketu Pies faced. A complete ‘Vision and Values’ review helped provide focus. The Dept. then applied the BrandLogic® Design process and discovered they had become vulnerable through having a flat product strategy and were at the whim of the market players.The problem was countered by uncovering a powerful brand story along with defining and designing a coherent multi-brand structure.

< Taking Maketu Pies from a brand that had no expression through to part of New Zealand folklore >

The village of Maketu is placed among green fields, sparkling waters and golden beaches.

It’s the end of the line, no main roads go there and so it has always remained a little slice of New Zealand from a time gone by.

It is here, over quarter of a century ago, that my Father discovered my Grandmothers prized recipe for the perfect pie.

Hand-rolled golden flakey pastry, filled with the freshest ingredients from the nearby fields, mixed with special herbs and spices, then baked to perfection with just a sprinkling of love, ensured the locals an honest-to-goodness feast.

They sold like hot-cakes and the rest, as they say, is history.

We still make them right here in Maketu, by hand, the original way just as Nana would have – and we bake them in a pie shop – not a factory.

It’s a real family business and many of our skilled team of pie-makers are now entering their third generation.

Mum tests out all of our recipes in the same old country kitchen. She gets them just right before allowing our latest flavours out into the world.

Old-fashioned values? Maybe, but here at Maketu Pies, in our little piece of old New Zealand, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maketu Pies®
Honest to Goodness.

Maketu Pies report a much stronger position to grow their brands and are receiving strong interest in domestic and international markets by way of a product structure that is easy to identify and sell their core benefits.

We brought in a high end brand to the Maketu family to enable selling added value product. – It fitted perfectly witht he established brand story.

Nana made the best pies in Maketu, that was pretty much a fact given they were sold out every day.

But there was one day of the week where she went the extra mile to make an exceptional pie, that day was Sunday, a time reserved for get-togethers with close family and very special friends.

With a twinkle in her eye, she’d bring out her best china and all the doilies, endless cups of tea and the most divine pie to celebrate special occasions. Still with that famous Maketu Pies’ flakey golden pastry case but with an even more delicious filling making it ‘just that little bit special’. ‘Heavenly delights’ she’d call them and so they were.

We honour Nana’s most special tradition by making her Sunday Best® Pies available so you too can have a little taste of heaven, and the great news is that now you can have them any day of the week.

Call us old fashioned but we believe that Sunday Best® Pies is a tradition worth keeping, just try one for yourself and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Sunday Best®
by Maketu Pies®
Just a little bit special

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